In 2020, I decided to take a step forward with my career by doing something never done before. 

I have been a dancer since a young age and a DJ since 2015. DJing gave me happiness and in dancing, I found my freedom. I decided to join my passions of dance and DJing to create an experience that no one had seen before - ' #TheDancingDJ ' 

Through this concept, I became India's First Live Performer to incorporate the fusion of dance & DJing in my live sets. Along with my dancers, I shot multiple music videos to bring out the concept and finally got a opportunity to do two grand shows in Mumbai's most premium venues - Escobar and Tryst.


The power-packed shows at Tryst and Escobar were a tremendous success with dazzling performances, along with sensational Bollywood music. To compliment my energy, there was SFX in the form of confetti, high end production and energetic dhol's making the event a grand success. 

Combining my passions was a dream come true for me and I finally found my space in the Music Industry that I wanted to create my presence within. #TheDancingDJ has become my identity.

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