One thing that I have been most passionate about throughout my life has been music.

I began my music career by learning how to play the piano when I was 4 years old. This grew into a fascination towards the drums. I was gifted a drum set by my parents on Valentine's Day and i pursed the drums ever since then. Apart from Trinity Rock School exams up till Grade 4, I also performed with a band in school and college. 

The drums brought me to an inclination towards electronic music. I would spend hours sitting with my laptop and try to create mixes of my favourite songs and upload them on social media. These 10 minute mixes received appreciation from all my friends. I then decided to learn how to DJ. 

My DJing career took off when I played my first gig at Onyx, Intercontinental at the age of 16. After that, I have played at clubs such as LIV, Alibii, Tryst, Royalty, Drop, D-Bell, Bombay Adda, Kitty Su, Kaama, Lounge18, F-Bar, Long&Short, etc

Under the guidance and mentorship of Lost Stories (World's #52 DJ's), I learnt the art of music production and also decided to focus my music to the Bollywood industry under the name RAHILL.

Currently, I have performed at 200+ shows across India including IIM Udaipur, Amity University, Top Clubs in Mumbai and many more. I have also currated my own conceptualised show called #BollywoodOnly that aims at taking the audience back in time through oldschool Bollywood tracks of the 2000's.

Here are a couple of photos and videos of my music career as well as a couple of tracks produced by me: